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Venetian stucco
The stucco origin dates back to the Roman civilization that extended the technique of production of lime throughout the empire. Since then it has evolved much form an essential part of the aesthetics of architecture. The stucco art is one of the brightest manifestations of the use of lime and is possibly the most sophisticated, highest quality and most ancient of the use of lime. The stucco technique involves a complex application that we have honed to perfection in both interior and exterior stucco stucco. We got very bright satin or stucco, as chosen by the customer.

Florentine lands
The Florentine Lands have resins based on quality. It has a composition based particle special white, contrasting with the background color, which is given with a special dye. The more dye, the more intense the final color. This provides a distinct aesthetic features, the Florentine Lands thus become a highly resistant washable and durable product.

The wallpaper was fashionable in the 70s but has now been reinstated in homes and offices with outstanding designs both traditional and sophisticated, modern and so splendid, that achieve warm and wonderful interiors. We will install the decorative paper to ensure optimum results.

Different effects
We can apply a special treatment on the walls to achieve similar to a sheet of rusty iron appearance, chopped, appearance sackcloth... There are a variety of effects on the market as a result of rust, reliefs and textures, foamed, mopping, etc. Propose us your idea and we will make the can.
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